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Review Of Aomola (LBLA) S5 FPV Drone

This is a review of the Aomola S5 FPV drone. It is also often known as the LBLA s5 drone. This is a low cost drone that would be great for children and first time drone flyers.

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This is a review of the Aomola S5 FPV drone. It is also often known as the LBLA s5 drone. This is a low cost drone that would be great for children and first time drone flyers. This drone comes with a 720p camera. However, this is a toy level drone so the quality of the photos and videos are for fun and not close to a professional level like the DJI series drones. At the time of this writing this drone is being sold on Amazon for $49.99.

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Manufacturer Specifications

  • Weight: 4.5 oz
  • Size: 13.4 x 13.4 x 3.7 in
  • Flight Time: 6-8 minutes
  • Remote Control Range: 50 meters
  • Battery Charging Time: approximately 120 minutes

The Package

Front Of Box
Inside The Box

The box is a made of light cardboard so it is not a sturdy package. The box could be easily damaged. The quadcopter and the parts fit securely in one tray. If you install the landing gear and prop guards then you will need to remove them if you want to store the drone in its box while not in use.

Package Contents

Aomola S5 Drone

The Aomola S5 drone has a stylish black and green color. It is lightweight at 4.5 oz. Despite its lightweight it is sturdy and can withstand crashes and falls and still continue flying.


Front Of Transmitter

The transmitter is sturdy and has a high quality feel to it. It is comfortable to hold in your hands for an extended period if you buy extra drone batteries. This transmitter requires four AA batteries that are not included. The controller sticks are responsive and snap back to the center if you move them and then release the sticks.

The button placement is designed well and makes the drone easy to use. There is a power button in the middle. The top of the transmitter has a key return/headless mode button on the left and a flip button on the right. Near the controller sticks there is a lighting control button and trim buttons to fix drifting. The bottom right has additional buttons for launch/landing, speed mode switch, emergency stop, and taking a picture or video.

Back Of Transmitter
Transmitter With Phone Holder Attached


The Aomola S5 drone comes with one 550mAh battery and a USB battery charger. The advertised flight time is 6-8 minutes and my flights have confirmed that this is correct. The charging time of the battery is approximately 120 minutes.

Multiple batteries can be purchased here. This would be a good idea so that you can keep flying after getting started and definitely needed if multiple children will be taking turns flying.

Instruction Manual

The instruction manual provides clear instructions and helpful diagrams. The manual covers the parts of the drone, the buttons of the controller, instructions on binding, flying, flight adjustment, how to use the BJ-UFO mobile app, and a troubleshooting section.

Additional Parts

The additional parts are a phone holder that connects to the antenna of the transmitter, a USB battery charger, two extra propellers, a screwdriver to install the propeller guards and landing skids, and one propeller cap.

It also comes with four propeller guards to keep the props from getting damaged and two landing skids.

Binding The Drone To The Remote Contoller

The binding process is simple and reliable.

  1. Power on the drone.
  2. Power on the controller.
  3. Push the throttle (left) stick all the way up.
  4. Then push the throttle (left) stick all the way down.

After these steps the LED light of the drone will stop flashing and be steady.

Flight Performance

The flight performance of the Aomola S5 is very good. The flights and handling are stable and consistent. It is instantly responsive to throttle, yaw, pitch, and roll changes from the controller joysticks and instantly responds to button clicks for launch/landing, flips, speed mode changes, and taking pictures or videos.



The camera is a 720p and can be used to take photos or videos. The photos and videos are not a good quality and a toy drone like this will often have the jello effect where the drone is shaking which causes the videos to shake and the photos to not be clear.

Warning: The back of the camera appears to have a SD card slot. This is not a SD card slot. This quadcopter uses streaming to a mobile phone over WiFi to record videos and photos. I inserted a SD card into the back of the camera and the SD card became lost inside the camera. This youtube video review describes the same mistake happening to someone else.


While flying, the video from the drone’s camera can be viewed on a mobile phone that has the BJ-UFO app installed. This app can be installed on Android or Apple phones. The remote controller has a phone holder that attaches to the antenna of the controller so you can easily view the video feed on a phone.

From the BJ-UFO mobile app you can take photos or record videos and these photos and videos are saved to your phone. There are also options for controlling the flight through the app.

BJ-UFO on Google Play for Android.

BJ-UFO on App Store for Apple iphones

One Key Start / Landing

After pairing the drone with the transmitter you click the button that shows up and down arrows that is the top button on the circle of buttons on the bottom right. After clicking this button the propellers will start spinning to begin flying. When done flying you can click this button again and the LBLA S5 will slowly descend until it lands.

Altitude Hold Function

The Aomola S5 will hold its altitude if the you release the throttle (left) stick. This makes the flying experience more pleasant. Drones without altitude hold are more difficult to fly because the person flying needs to control the altitude at all times to keep the drone from crashing back to the ground.


Flips can be performed in forward, backward, left, or right directions. The flips are easy to command with the transmitter by holding the button on the top right until it beeps and then moving the right controller stick. As with most toy drones the ability to do flips stops when the battery starts getting low.

Headless Mode

Headless mode is turned on by clicking the button on the top of the transmitter on the left side.

With headless mode, the forward direction of the drone will always be the direction that the controller is facing. This can make flying much easier for beginners because without headless mode it is easy to become confused about the orientation of a drone when it gets turned around while flying. In headless mode, anytime that you want the drone to fly back to you just pull the right controller stick back towards you.

One Key Return

The one key return only works in headless mode and it uses the same button as headless mode. After clicking the one key return button the Aomola S5 will return to your position.


With an affordable price, reliable flight performance, and helpful features the LBLA S5 drone is an excellent toy drone that is well suited for first time drone owners and children. This drone should mainly be flown outside with no or very little wind. The camera is not high quality so it is more of a neat feature instead of an aerial photography/video drone.

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