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Six Simple Accessories To Improve Aerial Photo/Video Flights

Sometimes having extra tools for a job just make the work easier and may improve the final product. Drone flights to capture aerial photography or videos are no different. Having some extra tools can make the drone flying experience better, avoid damaging the drone, or may improve the outcome of the photos or videos. This […]

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Review Of Smatree Phantom 4 Battery Charging Hub

If you have more than one battery for your DJI Phantom 4 drone then the standard battery charger can only connect to one battery. You need to wait for the first battery to charge and then connect the next battery for it to start charging. With the long amount of time it takes to charge […]

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Review Of KINBON Drone Landing Pad

A landing pad is a cheap investment to avoid damaging any drone during launch or landing. This article reviews the 30″ KINBON drone landing pad.