DJI Drones – How To Update Max Flight Altitude

The default setting for flying DJI drones (Inspire, Phantom, Mavic) to the maximum altitude is 120 meters which is approximately equal to 393.7 feet. This is because the FAA’s regulations are the maximum allowable altitude to fly a drone is 400 feet above ground.

A drone pilot may want to change this to a lower maximum altitude to make sure they do not fly higher than allowed in the current airspace. The DJI GO 4 app allows for changing the maximum altitude of flying the drone using the below directions. If you choose to set the maximum altitude higher than 400 feet make sure you are in accordance with the FAA regulations:

Steps To Update Maximum Flight Altitude

The following steps were written using the DJI Phatom 4 Pro V2. The other DJI drones like the Inspire or Mavic series will have the same or similar steps.

  1. Open the DJI GO 4 app.
  2. Tap the three circles in the top right corner that are highlighted by the red circle in the below image.
DJI GO 4 Main Screen

3. From the side menu that displays, click the drone icon at the top left to display the Main Controller Settings screen.

DJI GO 4 General Settings Screen

4. Scroll down on the Main Controller Settings Screen

DJI GO 4 Main Controller Settings Screen

5. Click the input box for the Set Max Flight Altitude setting.

DJI GO 4 Set Max Flight Altitude Screen

6. Enter the new maximum flight altitude value and click done.

DJI GO 4 Edit Max Flight Altitude Screen

7. The new maximum flight altitude is now displayed. Click the X button in the top right corner to close this screen.

DJI GO Updated Max Flight Altitude Screen

The DJI GO 4 app will now display the “Max Flight Altitude Reached. Adjust in Main Controller Settings if necessary” message when the drone reaches the new maximum flight altitude.

DJI GO 4 Main Screen Max Flight Altitude Reached


The above directions can be used to update the maximum flight altitude flown by a DJI drone. The FAA regulation is to not fly over 400 feet above ground level. Check the FAA regulations if you need to change this setting above 400 feet.

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